I am not quite sure why I love this photo. Maybe its because I feel nostalgic about this little girl; looking perfectly sweet in her one piece bathing suit. I imagine that she is posing for someone looking down into a black box camera called a Browning. Although this photo is over 50 years old… here it is for us enjoy. It exists somewhere offline for her family to hold in their hands and treasure.

With all of the advancement in digital photography, there is still something oddly permanent and valuable in the printed photo. If this image were captured today she would not only be waiving from a jet ski wearing a bikini, but it would most likely have been taken on a cell phone, maybe shared on social media, and at risk of being eventually lost within the digital world.

Here my point: some of us take thousands of photos every year, some of which are extraordinary, and yet very few are actually printed. As keeper of the family archives, I am guilty of this. Our box of photos is overflowing with snapshots…until about but year 2000. I hate to think about how many great moments have been lost in hard drive failures and fallen victim to changes in format (RIP floppy disk – CD, you’re next…).

Many of our families at Life Photo Studios purchase digital files rather than having us print them. We are happy to provide them at high resolution, complete with touch ups. But I must admit, we often worry about where they will end up.

I encourage you to send your best images to print. It is easy online and there are so many options: photo books, canvases, framed art. If you are unsure, ask us about how and where you can go to get the best results. At the very least, print a series of 5 x 7’s for your bureau. Fifty years from now your grandchildren will be able to hold them in their bionic fingertips and telepathically send you love.

If they’re worth taking, maybe they’re worth printing as well.