Photo prices range from $49 for an 8″ x 10″ ( or sheet of two 5×7’s ) to $300 – $500 for “Art for Your Home” on canvas, metal, flush mounted or custom framed. You may also purchase your favourite images on CD to create your own photo books, novelty gifts, photo art, or share on social media. Digital images start at $79 each and come complete with touch-ups.

Our most popular photo and CD packages are displayed below for your review.

Digital & Canvas Package – $549

This digital image and canvas print package includes your five favourite, high resolution images on CD, ten – 5” x 7“ prints and one – 11” x 14“ canvas.


Single Pose Package – $99

This package is perfect for families who want to share their favorite pose in a variety of print sizes. This $99 package includes: One 8” x 10”, two 5” x 7”s, three 4” x 6’s and 8 wallets.


Trio Package – 7”x 18” – $199

The Trio Package arranges three images into a size that is perfect for either the wall or mantel. This package also includes six – 5” x 7” prints all for only $199.


3 Pose Package – 11” x 14” – $199

The 3 Pose Package allows you to show off your child in a 3 pose collage and have additional prints to share with family and friends. Package includes: one – 11” x 14” three pose collage and nine – 4” x 6” prints for only $199.


3 Pose Package – 16”x 20” – $349

Our most popular package! Choose your favorite family photos and we will arrange them into a 3 pose collage and include 9 gift prints. Package includes: one – 16” x 20” three pose collage and nine – 4” x 6” prints.

5 Digital Images with 5” x 7” prints – $395

This digital package includes five high resolution images on CD and 10 – 5” x 7” prints for only $395. Digital images come complete with touch ups and are at high resolution and web resolution.


Trio Art Package – 10”x 24” – $479

This custom framed 10” x 24” collage includes three images in a unique art design. It also includes two framed 5” x 12” mini collages which make perfect gifts.


Art Collage Package – 20” x 20” – $699

This custom framed collage tells your family’s story in a piece of art for your home. This package includes a 5-pose, custom framed 20” x 20” collage, two framed 8” x 8” mini collages and 5 – high resolution digital images.

10 Digital Images with Proof Book – $699

Enjoy TEN – high resolution images on CD and a 6” x 9” proof book for only $699. Digital images come complete with touch-ups and enhancements so no need to worry about mosquito bites or blemishes. There are so many ways to use your images on CD. Share them online or get creative with photo books, greeting cards and so much more.